Dr. Elisabeth Duscher-Kothbauer, MSc

Impulse Provider & Coach


Personal Data

  • International Trainer and Coach
  • Born in 1976,  married, two children
  • Forum for Personality and Organizational Development Wien – Linz – Salzburg

Leadership from different

Leadership is no longer „bottom-down” as it used to be. Leaders need empathy to manage employees as equals. Today’s leadership style requires self-confident yet empathetic leading personalities. 

Coaching-like Leadership

The mindset and the tools of a coach allow leaders to support their employees in thriving through ownership and autonomy. Coaching-like leadership means you focus on the resources and competences. Activate your employees skills, so they can develop their full potential.

Value-oriented Leadership with the 9 Levels of Values Systems (Graves)

Values are drivers and individual standards that guide individuals and define what is right or wrong for them. Employees want to be managed and led based on their very individual values. Leaders have the unique ability to guide their employees by leaving their own mindset and value systems and focus on the employee’s values. Find out how someone’s values determine their thinking, feelings and behavior, what matters to them and how they want to be managed.

Leadership and emotional intelligence

Leaders with high emotional intelligence are more successful – “if the relationship between leader and employee is a good one, the results are also good” (D. Goleman). Leaders with a high emotional intelligence foster visions and team spirit. They promote an environment where ideas can grow, they understand their employees and can win them for new ideas. Find out how you can take advantage of your own emotional resources and inspire your employees.

Experience leadership

Find out how you can…

Horses are such sensitive beings and react to all minor signals conveyed by a person’s body language and voice. Horses always react in an authentic way. They are highly sensitive towards a person’s true personality and genuine character.

Horses have social systems among themselves, and these are quite like our systems. Thus, working with them allows us to transfer the insights directly into the management and leadership setting we have with others in our daily lives. 

There are experts working in this field and that is why I cooperate with Markus Duscher from Natural Horsemanship and provide leadership trainings in this area. (WWW.NATURALWAY.AT)

Buch Abbildung

Our management training has been subject of a scientific analysis in the doctoral thesis „Führungskräftetraining mittels Natural Horsemanship. Eine Wirksamkeitsforschung des Coachings mit Pferden.“ It has proven to be effective and improve emotional intelligence, social competence, non-verbal communication and leadership behaviour and result in specific changes in daily actions.

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During coaching sessions you learn how to…

Professional coaching supports you in new (leadership) endeavors, self-reflection and personal development, coping with stress and work-life-balance, relationship and conflict management, career and future enhancement. 

Communication & Presentation


Find out how to...

Team spirit

In this training you find out how to…

To SHARE EXPERIENCES is fundamental and it is an important feature of my trainings. You will not just be observing but experiencing and actively taking part. I take advantage of the exceptional trainer that NATURE is and carry out interactive, adventurous trainings with outdoor elements. This results in “aha moments” as you experience and sense the learning effects, which are then much deeply integrated.