From A to B: MIB sets in motion / moves


Bildlich gesprochen arbeitet MENSCH IN BEWEGUNG wie ein Transportunternehmen: Wir holen die Menschen dort ab, wo sie sind und geleiten sie dorthin, wohin sie wollen. Selbstverständlich, nachdem wir den Zielort gemeinsam definiert und die Route besprochen haben. Dabei lassen wir unsere KundInnen vertrauensvoll selbst ans Steuer.

Ausgestattet mit einer Wagenladung voll wirksamer Werkzeuge, einem Tank voll Motivation und einem ortskundigen Beifahrer sind Sie für ihre Reise bestens gerüstet.



We believe that “today is the slowest day of your life” and act upon the principle that those companies that learn faster and are equipped with the tools to apply their knowledge are in the pole position. Therefore, MENSCH IN BEWEGUNG has always stood for sustainable transfer.

The success of a seminar can be measured in terms of what the participants are able to implement on the long run. We support people and organizations in a holistic approach combining the mind, head and hand. Our success proves us right.

Organization in Motion: Organizational Development

Organisational development

Stormy times demand innovative methods in organizational development. We are all in for the deep dive and for sustainable transformation.

As systemic coaches we often take unconventional paths and support our customers in change processes, so they are well prepared to leave old structures behind and embrace change with excitement. A change process is only successful to us once the majority of the employees have embraced it – from the doormen to the management.

Individual Coachings


Systemic. Competent. Mindful.

We are absolutely convinced that all individuals possess the knowledge they need to achieve successful change and that nobody else can provide better solutions as the person itself.

Coaching means active learning in the sense of self-awareness.  in our role as coaches, we question and irritate our clients, give them feedback, and guide the awareness towards crucial questions and the changes that result thereof. Our coaching is not only on the level of “competences” and “behavior” but also “attitudes” and “values”. The main achievement is always a sustainable and deeper development.