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From head to toe: MIB consults


MENSCH IN BEWEGUNG is a network of senior practitioners in the areas of consulting and training. We provide integral approaches – from the in- and the outside, from head to toe.

Our senior practitioners – trainers, consultants and coaches – have been offering integral approaches for more than 30 years in the areas of personality and organizational development.

We work on all systemic levels: individual coaching, seminars and workshops, large group settings and integral change processes are our main expertise.

From A to B: MIB sets in motion / moves

In a metaphorical sense, MENSCH IN BEWEGUNG acts like a transportation company: we pick people up right where they are and bring them where they want to go. Together, we start by defining the destination and by discussing the exact route. Our clients are invited to take on responsibility over the wheel.

We bring loads of efficient tools, a deposit full of motivation and a competent guide, so you are all set for the journey.

From over here to over there: Mensch in Bewegung animates

What distinguishes MENSCH IN BEWEGUNG from other consultancies? In short: our loving way of saying “but”. We are not afraid to take counter-positions, to show the other side of the coin and to think outside the box together with our clients.

A cheeky, humorous style of counselling is our recipe for success, because: Many things are easier with a smile.


From talking to acting: MIB gives back

When things get serious, sometimes all you need to do is: ACT. This is our motto and our commitment to act upon it is an integral part of all our actions. Be it during our coaching sessions, trainings or organizational development processes, we commit to our actions rather than giving long speeches about them. 

Just like we do when it comes to our social responsibility: we draw a plan and we hit the nail on the head.

Be a part of something bigger and support one of our projects or suggest your own idea to promote corporate social responsibility.

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